The word Reiki, pronounced "Ray-Key," comes from the Japanese words "rei" meaning spirit, and "ki" meaning life force energy.  It is usually translated as "Universal Life Force Energy." 


Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive holistic energy healing system that yields powerful results for the body, mind and spirit. When using Reiki to heal, the practitioner channels healing energy through his/her hands to the client either directly or from a distance.  


Everything in the universe is made up of and connected by energy. By transmitting the healing energy of the universe along energetic pathways and through the practitioner's hands to the client, Reiki heals as deeply as needed within to create a shift within health.


If you have heard of Reiki before you have most likely heard this performed on humans, yet it also is an ideal complementary therapy for animals. It is gentle, painless, non-invasive, and stress-free for animals. Reiki heals at all levels of an animal's being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 


Reiki is always safe and comfortable for both animal and healer. It can be given at a distance and adapted to any problem that affects animals, so it may be used under any circumstances. There is virtually no problem or circumstance that cannot be treated effectively with Reiki.

Practicing Reiki with your animal companion deepens your bond as well as the level of understanding and trust between you.


With healthy animals, Reiki can help maintain health on all levels.  With distressed animals, Reiki can heal physical illness and injury as well as problems on emotional and spiritual levels.


Reiki is a powerful tool for emotional healing following trauma, abuse, neglect, fear and trust issues, reaching deeply into even the most damaged spirits. For high-strung or nervous animals, Reiki induces deep relaxation and stress-reduction and, over time, can reduce the tendency toward nervousness.


Reiki can accelerate healing after surgery or illness. It compliments both conventional and alternative therapies and can enhance their actions and lessen their side effects. Finally, for a dying animal and his/her people, Reiki provides compassionate support that can make the transition more peaceful for all concerned.



Marina took her first animal reiki course with Reiki Master Teacher Kathleen Prasad at Brighthaven Sanctuary in Santa Rosa, CA, and then received her Reiki Master Teacher Certification with Reiki Master Teacher Lori Furbush in Santa Rosa, CA. 

Marina initially used her Animal Reiki training with her four rescued animals (2 rescued dogs and 2 rescued cats) that all have had some imbalances from their previous situations before being adopted.  She saw some amazing shifts within them, and expanded her work in this area to volunteering at various animal sanctuaries in Santa Rosa, CA, where she has worked with horses, chickens, geese, goats, dogs, and cats.


All have come from difficult situations, and she loves seeing their health and behavior shift in a positive way. You will love seeing your animal shift, too, under Marina's hands.

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