"Marina did a Reiki session with my two dogs recently, and it was amazing to see them respond to her energy. My lab, Ally, soaked up the vibes, and my insecure/traumatized dog, Kirby, flirted with it despite his nerves... he was drawn to the energy. He kept coming up to Marina, standing nearby, and wanting to experience it. It soothed him, which is such a blessing as he's always a big ball of neurotic jitters! Thanks again, Marina, for a powerful session and for sharing your gift."

~ Ginette King,

"Marina has a special gift and deep hearted compassion for animals of all species.  I have three goats and three horses.  All of my animals have experienced abuse or neglect from people in their past.  They hold emotional and physical energy in different parts of their bodies that cause them pain and stress.  Watching Marina work with my animal family, easing their pain and bringing them into a relaxed state, was a beautiful experience.  I highly recommend Marina James-Galvin's services."
~Janet Hamilton, Animal Activist and Rescuer

"Marina and I met during the monthly Reiki gathering at BrightHaven Rescue. I immediately recognized her exceptional ability to work with the animals in a way that honors their role in the treatment process. She has a peaceful presence and is able to connect spiritually with the animals, thus creating a level of trust and acceptance that is beautiful to witness and rare to find. Marina is a gifted practitioner and I would be honored to have her work with my animals anytime."
~ Lauren Urbais, M.Ed., Animal Reiki Practitioner/Teacher

"Marina is an old friend to BrightHaven and I have watched her working with our animals during Reiki tuitions as well as at our Monthly Reiki share meetings. She brings a gentle, sweet, and compassionate presence to her work, made all the more special by the clear connection made with each animal to whom she offers healing. Reiki is a wonderful Japanese art form, practiced by Marina with the utmost insight and deep respect for animals, who understand well and love this gentle ancient spiritual practice."
~ Gail Pope,

"Marina is a beautiful spirit whose compassion and kindness shines through in all she does. I highly recommend her to offer Reiki to your animals!" 

~ Kathleen Prasad, Animal Reiki Practitioner/Teacher

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